Search Process

I. Groundwork

  • Immerse search team in client’s culture
  • Develop thorough understanding of client’s overall business strategy, history and future vision

II. Shaping the Candidate Profile

Establish and finalize:

  • Position description Search timeline
  • Targeted research strategy

III. Active Recruiting

  • Identify the very best candidates that meet agreed upon competencies
  • Conduct telephone, video-conference and/or in-person interviews with high probability candidates
  • Hold weekly conference call with client
  • Facilitate interviews and client/candidate feedback
  • Determine refinements, if any, to the profile and recruiting strategy

IV. Closing the Candidate

  • Facilitate the hiring process, continually monitoring and emphasizing client’s priorities, interests and needs
  • Work with client on the development of an appropriate offer with the employment terms necessary to attract the candidate of choice
  • Conduct rigorous due diligence on selected candidate